Project Team

Shan Sutton (PI) Dean, University of Arizona Libraries

“The University of Arizona is uniquely positioned to make advancements in how academic libraries can integrate into faculty research workflows, support borderlands research, and facilitate the use of open access to maximize global access to the resulting scholarship.”

Megan Senseney (Co-PI) Head of Research and Engagement

“We are working to share these projects with the broadest possible audience. The library is involved at every step, whether it’s working with our collections, helping create new resources and knowledge or developing strategies for communicating project outcomes to different groups.”

Verónica Reyes-Escudero (Co-PI) Katheryne B. Willock Head of Special Collections

“One important component of our project is to make this research available to the communities they represent. It’s crucial that our library collections and services fully represent the people who we serve, and this effort works to correct the lack of representation historically.”

Alana Varner (Project Coordinator)

“An enduring thread throughout these projects has included deep reflections on the role libraries play in centering and supporting ethical, mutually reciprocal research relationships among scholars, library workers, and community partners.”

Student Support

Chelsea Wells (Graduate Assistant, 2022-2023)

Glenn Ingram (Graduate Intern, 2021-2023)

Bianca Finley Alper (Graduate Intern, Fall 2021)

Vanessa Maribel Lucero (Graduate Intern, Fall 2021)