Library Services

Funded projects are required to incorporate at least two of the following library services in their projects. These services are freely available to researchers across campus through the University of Arizona Libraries.

  • Working with data and digital resources
    • Digital project planning
    • Digitization consultation
    • Data curation and cleaning
    • Software Carpentry
  • Storytelling with data and digital resources
    • Data visualization
    • GIS
    • Multi-modal digital storytelling
    • Oral history
    • Podcasting
    • Image processing and manipulation
    • Augmented reality/Virtual reality
  • Digital publishing
    • Copyright, fair use, and licensing
    • Rights and reuse of special collections
    • Digital publishing platforms and hosting
    • Jupyter Notebooks
  • Open data and data sharing
    • Curation services
    • Consultation services
    • Data publishing services
  • Engagement with distinctive U.S.-Mexico borderlands collections (To count towards the required use of multiple UAL services, engagement with Special Collections must be planned and implemented in partnership with curators and archivists in Special Collections.)